Oxygen Evolution


Erie Morales’ most recent publication shows more on what atomic surfaces can do: Synergistic Oxygen Evolving Activity of a TiO2-Rich Reconstructed SrTiO3 (001) Surface, Martirez, J.M.P, Kim, Seungchul, Morales, E. H., Benjamim, T.D., Cargnello, M. Gordon, T.R. Murray, C.B., Bonnell, D.A., and Rappe, A.M., JACS 137 8 2939 (2015)

Size Dependent Electronic Transport


Recent results show how atomic structure at interfaces controls electronic transport. This is particularly important in nanosized contacts which exhibit size dependent properties: Effect of Interface Atomic Structure on the Electronic Properties of Nano-Sized Metal-Oxide Interfaces, W. Qin, J. Hou, D. A. Bonnell, Nano Letters 15 211-17 (2015)

Coexisting Phases on the Surface


Erie Morales and our collaborators in Andrew Rappe’s group find coexisting phases on the surface of BaTiO3: Coexisting Surface Phases and Coherent One-Dimensional Interfaces, Morales, E. H., Martirez, J. M.P., Saidi, W.A., Rappe, A.M., Bonnell, D. A., ACSNano 8 (2014) 4465-3373

Nanoscale Resistive Switching


Jiechang Hou, Stephen Nonnenmann, Wei Qin demonstrate that resistive switching is size dependent a small scales Adv. Func. Mat.: Size Dependence of Resistive Switching at Nanoscale Metal-Oxide Interfaces, J. Hou, S. S. Nonnenmann, W. Qin, D. A. Bonnell, Advanced Functional Materials 24 (2014) 4113-4118

Fuel Cell Under the Microscope


Our new publication, Direct in situ Probe of Electrochemical Processes in the Operating Fuel Cells, pushes the limits of scanning probe at high temperature and high pressure. Critical for understanding a wide range of processes in real time. S. S. Nonnenmann, R. Küngas, J. M. Vohs, D. A. Bonnell ACS Nano 7 (2013) 6330-36