Recent Student Visitors

Our recent student visitors, Baptiste Rouxel (MINATEC), Bryan Valez (UPR) and Mathias Schroeder (TU Dresden) have returned to their various homes. They all did great work and gave outstanding presentations. We hope to see them again soon.

Erie Morales and Stephen Nonnenmann at 2012 MS&T in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Stephen Nonnenmann presented his invited talk titled “Observation of Electrochemical Phenomena in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using In-Situ Scanning Probe Techniques within the Operating Regime” at the 2012 MS&T Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. He reviewed his latest developments in high temperature scanning probe microscopy for fuel cell applications. Erie H. Morales was invited to present his work on BaTiO3 (001) surface at the conference Materials Science and Technology 2012. The session highlights the Sosman Award recipient Dawn Bonnell for her contribution to science.